Executive Coaching Programs For Denver, Boulder & Beyond

Confident leaders shift your culture from surviving to thriving.

The complexity leaders face today is unparalleled.

What made leaders successful in the past isn’t necessarily what will make them successful in senior and executive leadership roles in the future.

5.12 Solutions executive coaches guide your leaders to perform with more finesse, efficiency, clarity and accountability. Together, we’ll move beyond self-doubt, overwhelm, frustration, burnout and even defeat.

The result? Confident, “on purpose” leaders who create clarity, alignment and an inspired workforce.

Identify gaps

As a team, we uncover the differences between the leader’s vision and reality, and then create an action plan for the workplace.

  • Gather insight data through 360 process with stakeholders
  • Design goals, create action plan and select 3-5 supporters who observe and provide pulse feedback
  • Connect coach, coachee and supporters through our online coaching platform, Coachmetrix
5.12 Solutions Consulting Group
5.12 Solutions Consulting Group

Change behaviors and perceptions

Leaders do the heavy lifting in the workplace to change not only their behavior, but also the perceptions that others have of them. We measure, coach, train and then circle back to do it again. We show leaders, and their organizations, the proof of their progress.

  • Collect pulse feedback from supporters and compare against the leader’s self-evaluations
  • Conduct one-on-one coaching sessions, either in person or on the phone
  • Observe leaders in the workplace and provide real-time feedback
  • Introduce supportive training exercises and tools

Stay on track

Our executive coaches provide ongoing support to ensure the results stick.

  • Continuous real-time practice and ongoing pulse feedback measurement
  • Follow-up communication and support through Coachmetrix
  • Professional reading and fieldwork assignments
5.12 Solutions Consulting Group

Leaders thrive with 5.12 Solutions’ Executive Coaching

  • Communicate a clear and inspiring vision for their team
  • Gain the emotional commitment of the people they lead
  • Navigate the complex relationships with other senior and executive leaders
  • Juggle the competing priorities between the function they lead and other areas of the business.
  • Understand the impact of their actions and decisions on the larger corporate culture
  • Expand their capacity to think strategically
  • Prioritize in the face of the frenzied pace of change and volatility of the workplace.