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Our president and founder, Sal Silvester, brings his passion and expertise for team building, management training, and leadership development to his coaching, writing and speaking keynotes. He’s a master at illuminating the shifts all leaders must make to successfully navigate complex and chaotic environments that come with the territory of corporate leadership. Sal delights audiences and readers with stories and characters that come to life and are relatable in any organization.

The Deeply Human Workplace

The Deeply Human Workplace

The Deeply Human Workplace explores the six Cs of ‘The Human Workplace Needs Model’. It provides leaders and teams with a roadmap for creating healthier, more aligned, and deeply human workplaces. When leaders embrace this game-changing model and welcome humanity into their organizational culture, they cultivate a workplace environment where employees can unleash their full potential and find meaning in their work.

The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide

Using The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide you’ll clarify your purpose, establish meaningful goals that resonate both personally and professionally, and create a personal action plan that will make an immediate impact on your life. During this process, you’ll reflect on some of the most important aspects of your life – your finances, health and fitness, career, personal relationships, and more.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Maximizing Your Impact as a Coach

Announcing Sal’s new book with the World’s #1 Leadership Thinker Marshall Goldsmith, Stakeholder Centered Coaching—Maximizing Your Impact as a Coach.

Executives buy results, not coaching. The problem is that most leadership and executive coaches do not measure the impact of their coaching engagements. They can’t prove that their coaching is actually making a difference. They rely too heavily on coach satisfaction surveys and other methods that simply measure reaction and not change.

Unite! - The 4 Mindset Shifts for Senior Leaders


The 4 Mindset Shifts for Senior Leaders

Sal Silvester’s second installment in the People-First Leadership™ series illustrates the pitfalls and possibilities of navigating the transition into senior leadership. Unite! continues the leadership journey of Ben and Darryl as they are promoted to senior positions. Combining the power of a learning parable with the Unite! Leadership Model, Sal provides a path for senior leaders to balance both results and relations and ultimately unite the people around them.

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The 4 Essential Rules for Emerging Leaders

Sal Silvester’s timely book, Ignite! incorporates for the first time Sal’s People-First Leadership™ model that gives new leaders all the tools they need to elevate their effectiveness. While plenty of management wisdom has focused on leadership and teamwork, relatively little attention has been paid specifically to emerging leaders–people who have recently been or are about to be promoted to supervisory or managerial positions.

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