Continuous feedback, lasting change

Raising the bar for team and leadership development

Our innovative cloud-based technology, Coachmetrix, sets us apart from many other leadership development and executive coaching providers. It serves not only as a one-stop coaching portal for action planning, online resources, communication and more, but also shows the impact of change in leadership behaviors over time.

We’ve moved beyond traditional programs to provide a secure, mobile platform to keep up with a tech-savvy business world and busy leaders who demand efficiency. That means greater accountability, discipline, transparency, and measurement. Ultimately, it means accelerated and sustained behavioral change that drive better business results.

A higher standard for behavior-driven results

Over four years ago, we observed roadblocks and limitations with our own leadership development programs: from the constraints of old style workbooks and materials to the ability to track and measure impact beyond what is normally done. We didn’t believe that relying solely on traditional methods such as anecdotal reporting, 360 feedback, well-being and engagement surveys, or performance reviews were enough.

Rather than continue on our current path, we were compelled to change the paradigm.

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We believe coaching and training programs must be measurable, just like any other investment made in an organization.

So we developed Coachmetrix, a cloud-based platform, that eliminates reliance on traditional paper workbooks and anecdotal feedback. The mobile platform streamlines the workload for teams and leaders and is completely attuned to today’s high-tech work environment. We added measurement and reporting capabilities—actual metrics—that clearly show our clients their progress and reveal the effectiveness of our programs. Over time, these progress metrics provide you a clear understanding of actual behavioral changes that influence company culture and ultimately affect the bottom line.

With Coachmetrix, your team and leadership development programs transforms into a hassle-free, easy-to-use experience for all participants–mobile, responsive and in real time.

Learning Loop

Get in the Learning Loop

At 5.12 Solutions, we view learning as an ongoing, circular process. It’s not a singular event that happens once and it’s over. We assess, train, coach, measure and then circle back to assess, train, coach and measure again. Our plans adapt as your leaders and teams develop their skills and change their behaviors over time. This blended approach keeps employees engaged and focused within a supportive, structured environment.

Lead Virtual Teams

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