Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Unlock your leaders’ potential

Every day, leaders face technological disruptions, cultural shifts, and constant change. Even the most passionate, competent, and experienced people need support to thrive and reach their potential. Leadership Development programs are for every level of employee and create opportunities for growth, longevity of employment, and increased performance!

Emerging Leaders

Ignite the potential of your emerging leaders

Your front-line and mid-level leaders are often promoted because of their technical prowess but lack the skill set and mindset to lead others. Layer on rapid change and a diverse workforce, and emerging leaders are overwhelmed, riddled with self-doubt, and find it difficult to help scale the business.

Leadership shouldn’t be this hard.

Introducing our Ignite! leadership program

You need leaders who can engage multidisciplinary teams, motivate a diverse workforce, and drive both results and healthy relationships. Over decades-long practice, we created proven, measurable methods for transforming your people into confident leaders. Our Ignite! Leadership Program™ initiates a learning journey that combines assessments, Leadership Performance Workshops, coaching, and ongoing behavioral measurement to create sustainable change. The program is fully customizable and addresses the three main challenges facing emerging leaders:

Leading by Example

Enhance self-awareness and better understand impact on others.

Creating Focus

Craft and communicate a vision and align their teams.

Maximizing Team Performance

Delegate, coach and provide feedback effectively.

Results leaders achieve through the Ignite program

Increased confidence

Improved self-awareness

Clearer communication

Adaptable approach

Ability to drive results

Team member commitment

Senior Leaders

Empower senior leaders to unite your organization

Senior leaders face a unique set of challenges: membership on multiple teams, competing priorities with peers, and leading change initiatives to quickly pivot a product line or business.

Their past success is often based on a world that no longer exists and isn’t a pathway for success in the future.

Introducing our Unite! leadership program

You need senior leaders who can guide the organization through change, build a healthy culture that attracts top talent, and have the interpersonal agility to create strong relationships with people at all levels inside and outside the organization.

Our Unite! Leadership Program™ initiates a learning journey, specifically designed for senior leaders, that combines assessments, Leadership Performance Workshops, leadership coaching, and ongoing behavioral measurement to create sustainable change. The program is fully customizable and addresses the mindset shifts senior leaders must make to change how they think and are perceived.


Leaders shift from a problem to an outcome orientation.


Mindset changes from compliance or consensus to commitment.


Focus evolves from project management to champion.

Results leaders achieve through the Unite program

Understanding of impact

Ability to deal with complexity

Enterprise focused

Organizational alignment

Creating clarity from chaos

Team member commitment

Transform Managers to Coaches

Create a coaching culture

As our workplaces move away from outdated and cumbersome performance management techniques to more agile and change-ready processes, managers need to learn how to coach team members effectively. Your employees deserve the opportunity to work with managers who can help them succeed—not just during the annual review but on a consistent basis throughout the year. Plus, your company avoids the hidden costs that often result from unprepared managers who avoid difficult conversations.

Transform Managers Into Coaches Program

Managers learn to create a coachable culture on their teams while keeping team members completely engaged and motivated to come to work every day. They learn how to adapt to different personality styles to bring out the best in people. They utilize frameworks to understand where their team members need coaching most. They develop skills to have coaching conversations in their day-to-day work.

You’ll see your managers expecting more and tolerating less— resulting in higher levels of team member commitment, engagement, and retention.


Workshops to build skills and practice techniques.


Frameworks that are easily accessible online.


Our Coachmetrix platform to support the coaching process in the workplace.

Results leaders achieve through the program

Enhanced coaching skills

Improved team member results

Team member engagement

Team clarity

Trust-based workforce

Faster business results

Leadership Coaching Circles

Leaders supporting other leaders

There isn’t a playbook right now to address the complexity in our work environment. More than ever, leaders need other leaders to share strategies and tactics, ideas and action plans. Our Leadership Coaching Circle is a 6-month program that provides a platform for an exclusive group of already successful senior leaders to support each other, accelerate their development and navigate change together.

Leadership Coaching Circles Program Format

  • Hand-picked cohorts of 4-6 senior leaders.
  • Group kick-off session to build trust and deepen cohort relationships.
  • Monthly Leadership Exchange Session with the cohort (2-3 hours) to challenge ideas, elevate leadership skills, and gain insights from other successful senior leaders.
  • One executive coaching session per month with a 5.12 Solutions executive coach to address targeted needs.
  • One peer coaching session per month with a cohort member to provide accountability and support.
  • Access to our Coachmetrix platform for leadership frameworks, communication, session notes, and other resources

Address Complexity

Thought leadership from other industry leaders

Gain Insight

Executive and peer coaching to address targeted needs

Access Tools

Frameworks and resources delivered through our Coachmetrix platform

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