Human Workplace Needs Culture Assessment

We need to put humanity back in the workplace.


I was recently speaking with an executive coaching client, a high level leader employed at a global company. He’s working 12-14 hour days, putting everything on the line, including his relationship with his wife and his family.

And what is he most distraught about?

Not feeling valued by his boss. He doesn’t feel heard. He doesn’t have clarity in his role. He’s only received one small nugget of recognition in the past nine months of back-breaking work.

Another executive leader in a different company just wants connection with his manager so he can develop. “At least give me quarterly 1-1s,” he said.

These are examples of two executive leaders, speaking to the needs people have in the workplace. Needs that are common to human beings regardless of geography, age, role, gender or race.

These are real, human, workplace needs.

When our work environment doesn’t meet some or most of those needs, people find a way to get those needs met, either through unhealthy workplace behaviors or through other organizations.

I envision a better world, with more humanity in business. That’s a dream that my company, 5.12 Solutions, can bring to life.

As part of our series on our new Human Workplace Needs model, we are giving away a complimentary Human Workplace Needs Culture Assessment. You can download it below to better understand the current state of your team and identify ways to create an increasingly aligned, healthy and human work environment.

If you are interested in a more guided, hands-on approach, let us know. Our Team Acceleration, Ignite Leadership, and Executive Coaching programs are designed to create healthy and aligned organizations – faster.

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