Leadership Competencies and Capacities (Part 6)

Where do You Go From Here?

This series of posts started out with the question, “Are leaders born?”

Our response has been “No.” Leadership can be learned. We can learn the key competencies and capacities to elevate our effectiveness.

Here are some recommended next steps to guide your path forward.

1. Review the levels of leadership agility outlined in this article. At what level are you currently operating? At what level do others perceive you operating?

2. Review the three Limiting Internal Beliefs (Controlling, Protecting, and Complying).  If you want to be more effective at your current level of leadership agility or even move to the next level, challenge the assumptions you have about yourself that in part drive your leadership behaviors.

3. Based on the steps above, create a leadership development action plan by identifying 1-3 behaviors you will start implementing over the course of the next 30 days. After those become routine, identify 1-3 more behaviors you will implement on a regular basis.

Leadership development is really about personal growth and self-development. The most effective leaders know that it is a never-ending journey. So, take the steps today to ignite your leadership potential and the potential of the people around you.

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