My Annual Physical: The Model for Really Bad Service

Here’s how my experience went at the doctor’s office.

“Hi, my name is Sal Silvester. I am here for an 8:30 appointment.”

Receptionist partially ignores me, continues to dial a phone call, and points a finger at me as if to say “hold on for one minute.” My mother always taught me to never point fingers.

When she finally rolls around to “greet” me, she fumbles through some files, selects one that I assume is mine, and directs me to “sit over there.” How warm and welcoming. That’s helping my anxiety.

A few minutes later I was “greeted” by the nursing assistant and taken into the patient room for the typical pre-physical routine.

Looking out the window, she takes my blood pressure. Hmmm, I am pretty sure the blood pressure device is on my arm and not in the field across the street.

Then she unravels the blood pressure kit, scribbles some notes in my file, and continues with what ever was next.

I don’t know much about blood pressure, but I am pretty sure it’s important, so I ask, “what is my blood pressure?”

“110 over 60,” she replies.

“Is that ok?” I ask.

“Yup” she replies. Hmmmm. Not very helpful.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I love my doctor, I would be so outta there.

Customer service isn’t that hard. All it takes is showing a little bit of interest in the person who is paying your fees.

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