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Ignite the potential of your emerging leaders

Your front-line and mid-level leaders are often promoted because of their technical prowess, but lack the skill set and mindset to lead others. Layer on rapid change and a diverse workforce, and emerging leaders are overwhelmed, riddled with self-doubt, and find it difficult to help scale the business.

Leadership shouldn’t be this hard.

Introducing our Ignite! leadership program

You need leaders who can engage multidisciplinary teams, motivate a diverse workforce, and drive both results and healthy relationships. Over decades-long practice, we created proven, measurable methods for transforming your people into confident leaders. Our Ignite! Leadership Program™ initiates a learning journey that combines assessments, Leadership Performance Workshops, coaching, and ongoing behavioral measurement to create sustainable change. The program is fully customizable and addresses the three main challenges facing emerging leaders:

Leading by Example

Enhance self-awareness and better understand impact on others.

Creating Focus

Craft and communicate a vision and align their teams.

Maximizing Team Performance

Delegate, coach and provide feedback effectively.

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Results leaders achieve through the Ignite program

Increased confidence

Improved self-awareness

Clearer communication

Adaptable approach

Ability to drive results

Team member commitment


We prove our change. Can they?

Measuring behavioral change is crucial. Many leadership development companies make the claim that they can. But once you dig deeper, it’s simply not true. When you invest in a leadership development or coaching program, you deserve results that are truly measurable. You deserve proof that the program works. That’s what inspired 5.12 Solutions to create its own leadership development coaching platform.

9 Costly Leader Mistakes

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