Productive Conflict

Team Acceleration

Engage in conversations that matter most

When teams don’t effectively engage in conflict, they fail to gain commitment, experience the “meeting after the meeting,” and decisions get revisited over and over again. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Introducing Productive Conflict Program

Our Productive Conflict Program will help transform your team’s conflict from destructive interactions to productive outcomes. Team members will learn to appreciate how their style of handling conflict affects the people around them. They’ll re-frame a conflict situation and choose more productive behaviors, and they’ll build common norms to drive healthy conversation. This fully customizable program includes the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict assessment, a 1-2 day immersive workshop experience and ongoing behavioral measurement using our proprietary Coachmetrix technology to ensure change sticks.

Understand Your Style

Instead of approaching conflict overly aggressively or passively, you’ll have direct, honest and respectful dialogue.

Transform Destructive Responses

Instead of getting bogged down in analysis paralysis, you and your team can be more decisive, innovative and move faster.

Adapt with Healthy Responses

Instead of keeping people at a distance or being overly appeasing, you’ll strengthen your relationships and get more done.

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Results teams achieve

Increased trust

Aligned and healthy relationships

Direct, honest and respectful communication

Ability to engage in productive conflict

More innovative ideas

Agility and speed


We prove our change. Can they?

Measuring behavioral change is crucial. Many leadership development companies make the claim that they can. But once you dig deeper, it’s simply not true. When you invest in a leadership development or coaching program, you deserve results that are truly measurable. You deserve proof that the program works. That’s what inspired 5.12 Solutions to create its own leadership development coaching platform.

The 5 Costliest Mistakes Teams Make

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The 5 Costliest Mistakes Teams Make

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