Stressed Out? Try our Coping and Stress Profile

Today’s environments are saturated in stress. From the work environment, to the economy, to everyday family demands.

How do we manage our stress? How do we balance this stress across so many areas of our lives?

At 5.12 Solutions we offer a tool called the Coping & Stress Profile tool helps us learn more about ourselves and our stress management. Through a series of questions designed to assess stressors and our reaction to them, we can better gauge and understand how we manage and cope with our stress. We can also better understand the relationship and impacts of stress across the various aspects of our lives, such as marriage, family, work, health and home. This tool provides us with valuable insight to our satisfaction levels and how stress in one area of our life affects other areas.

Of course, each one of us has unique thresholds and tolerances to various stress indicators. An invaluable aspect of the Coping & Stress Profile is the coping summary. This summary provides a personalized snapshot of one’s strengths or challenges across 4 coping resources for both work and personal life. It helps us identify areas that may need further development in managing stress. Additionally, the profile generates an assessment of the respondent’s satisfaction level. Research has found that people higher in satisfaction are not only happier, but also tend to have better self-esteem and fewer physical and emotional problems.

It probably goes without saying that each one of us would like to reduce the amount of stress in our lives, however, that may not always be possible. It then becomes crucially important to learn how to better cope
and manage our stress and its impacts. Once we become more aware of our stress indicators, we can then apply the strategies and techniques learned from the Coping & Stress Profile to lead a more balanced life.

The results?  A more productive, satisfied, and healthy individual.

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