Tip #6: Helping New Team Members

It may not be your responsibility to hire new people. Perhaps that is your manager’s job. It is, however, your responsibility to help new people transition onto the team. Here are a few tips to make any new transition easier:

1. Start by making a professional first impression. Welcome the newcomers and offer to help them through the administrative process of coming on board.

2. Consider taking them to breakfast or lunch on the first day, and make informal introductions to people they will be working with. The bottom line is that people want to feel connected and welcome and everyone on the team can help with that.

3. Create opportunities for on-the-job training. No matter what our backgrounds and experience levels are, new team members need assistance from tenured employees to get onboard with policies, procedures, and processes.

4. Check-in and create an “open-door” environment where people feel comfortable coming to you for assistance.

5. Learn to recognize people’s styles and understand that each individual has different needs.

6. Share resources, knowledge, and best practices. Help create an environment where people can be successful – together.

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