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Learn How We Enhanced Human Performance and 10x ROI with Behavioral Measurement

Get instant access to a concise 45-minute webinar aimed at showcasing the measurable value of team and leadership development through our firm’s capabilities, demonstrating how we enhance human performance within organizations.

Creating Enhanced Human Behavior That Delivers Better Results

During this webinar, we will highlight some of our latest innovations that have resulted in 10x ROI!

Key topics include:

  • The core reasons clients choose 5.12 Solutions
  • Culture Transformation and our unique system
  • What’s new with Everything DiSC:
    • An exciting update on the latest DiSC Profiles
    • Enhancements to the Catalyst platform
    • How YOU can become DiSC certified
  • Team and Leadership Development results via case studies
  • Innovations in Behavioral Measurement, Including:
    • A new habit tracking feature on Coachmetrix
    • How YOU can improve measurement in your organization

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This session is tailored for leaders, HR professionals, and anyone interested in elevating their company’s leadership and team dynamics.

By focusing on our unique approach and transformative programs, we aim to provide a clear understanding of why our firm is the go-to choice for businesses looking to improve executive coaching and team development, all presented in an informative manner, without a sales pitch.