How to Engage in Productive Conflict


How teams handle conflict can predict their productivity and outcomes.

That’s why we are excited to introduce our new four-part series on Productive Conflict. Join us over the next several weeks to learn how your people, teams and organization can turn conflict from a destructive experience into productive outcomes.  It’s all part of our OnPurpose Leadership™ ​ philosophy.


Blog articles: Look for four additional email newsletters focused on this important topic, starting with the post here, From Destructive to Productive Conflict, to help raise awareness about conflict and its impact.

Conflict Toolkit: Download our in-depth, 11-page Productive Conflict Toolkit to reflect on questions that help you explore and identify your own conflict style and how that impacts your teams and organization.

Productive Conflict Masterclass: Save the date, July 20th at 11:30 am mountain time (MT), for our complimentary, virtual masterclass conducted live via Zoom. Direct from our executive coaching team, this 60 minute masterclass offers actionable tools to enable you and your team to see elements of conflict that you may not see right now and to assess its impact on team dynamics.

Productive Conflict Workshop: Harness the power of conflict within your organization with our latest team development program that uses the new Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile. This full-day workshop will help your team members increase self-awareness to implement new strategies that lead to faster decisions and more productivity.

We hope you make our Productive Conflict Series part of your effort to end the year strong.

To get your Productive Conflict Toolkit and learn more about the Productive Conflict Masterclassgo here.

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