Leadership Behaviors and Characteristics

We just completed a three-month leadership training and development program with a client in Colorado. During one of our sessions together, the participants identified leadership behaviors and characteristics of leaders in their lives who have made the biggest impact.

Take a look at see how you stack up.

Leadership Behaviors Leadership Characteristics
  • Made others feel valued
  • Demonstrated a positive attitude
  • Exuded confidence
  • Lead by example, was a role model
  • Always made time for others
  • Ability to think outside of the box
  • Did everything possible to ensure the success of others
  • Gave an honest opinion
  • Pushes others to do bigger and better things
  • Trustworthy
  • Hard worker
  • Kind, caring, compassionate
  • Dedicated
  • Firm, but Fair
  • Supportive
  • Respectful
  • Passionate
  • Goal oriented
  • Knowledgable

What observations can you make from these lists?