Leadership Training Transitions – Denver

I just kicked-off an 8-month leadership development program with a client in Denver, and one of our topics was about the “shifts” people need to make when they step into leadership roles. Reflect on the items below:


From… To
  • Managing own time
  • Reallocating time to not only complete your work but help others perform effectively
  • Doing own work
  • Getting things done through others (for a larger percentage of the work you do)
  • Value technical skills/work
  • Value managerial work (versus just tolerating it)
  • Value managerial work (versus just tolerating it)
  • Enables others to solve problems for themselves
  • Tactical day-to-day orientation, gets caught in details
  • Strategic orientation and longer-term perspective
  • Doesn’t believe is visionary
  • Creates and communicates a vision
  • Asks others for input to generate buy-in
  • Asks others for input because genuinely values their opinions
  • Assumes power comes from expertise and positional authority
  • Recognizes that power comes from a participative environment and values contributions of others
  • Thinks about own area/function
  • Considers interdependencies across areas/functions

What areas in the checklist above come easily to you?

What areas are more challenging for you?

What could you START, STOP, and/or CONTINUE doing to make the transition to being a more effective leader?