Masterclass: Productive Conflict – Beyond a Culture of Nice

Masterclass Part II: Productive Conflict – Beyond a Culture of Nice:)

The business landscape is changing. And the way we engage in conflict must also change. Competitors are emerging from the most unexpected sources and moving faster than ever.

If individuals, teams and organizations aren’t able to make decisions quickly and move forward creatively, they will be left behind. At the core of great decision making and innovative thinking is productive conflict.

The challenge is that most organizations seek artificial harmony inadvertently create a “culture of nice” where conflict avoidance is the norm. Unfortunately there is always a direct link between conflict avoidance and poor business performance. People who are not able to engage in the difficult and consequential discussions are putting their teams and organizations at risk to competitors who know how to engage productively.

Now, imagine what becomes possible with colleagues who are able to interact without fear of repercussion and who give each other the benefit of the doubt. They don’t get bogged down in drama, over analysis and political turf wars. Instead, they make decisions more quickly and pivot when needed.

In this engaging and entertaining masterclass, speaker and leadership author Sal Silvester not only offers a mandate for more productive conflict, but he also provides practical tools and tips that will enable your teams to engage in conflict more productively. If you want to avoid the political games, weird tension and lack of commitment that stems from unproductive conflict, then register for this 30-minute, high impact session below.

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