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As employees grow there are going to be roadblocks. We see it all the time.

Anne was an excellent new hire, full of ambition and could execute tasks. She provided quality and quantity and was a positive, energetic presence. Because of this, she was promoted. In her new role, she is less-than-stellar. The things she previously shined in are no longer in her job description and the new set of tasks relate more to managing people than things. She is struggling.

As a leader in your organization, you are always looking for ways to develop the people around you. More than just advancing their titles, you want to see them gain knowledge, systems and skills that make them more than just managers, but go-to-LEADERS.

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Fortunately for Anne, her employer recognized that she needed more support to grow into her new role. She had the knowledge and desperately wanted to succeed; she just needed support in navigating leadership in her new context.

The solution is a simple, easily-accessible online coaching package.

Through 5.12 Solutions, we offer all of our coaching solutions through our own Coachmetrix platform. This unique model has been hugely successful in supporting employees as they grow from manager to LEADER!

As we see an unprecedented number of people now being forced to work from home due to COVID-19, we invite you to consider this option as a way to engage employees in a new way and keep them connected to your organization and their professional development.

Even before this crisis, we were providing virtual training, coaching and resources through our Coachmetrix platform. We are ready and able to move into this virtual space with you. 

Packages Include:

  • Online Coaching sessions with a seasoned coach
  • Coachmetrix Behavioral Measurement
  • Coachmetrix Action Plan
  • Coachmetrix Discussions
  • Coachmetrix Tools
  • Assessment
  • 3-12 month programs

If you are interested in offering this Online Coaching Package for your employees...


Complimentary Insight Session to explore options and determine if this is a good fit for you.


We assign a seasoned coach to your team members


You get to watch your team member grow into a go-to LEADER!

The Benefits to Your Organization

When employees like Anne don’t get additional training and support as they grow and advance in their career, you loose out on a stellar employee and miss an opportunity for better productivity, time management and morale for your organization.

Our Online Coaching Clients Experience:
    • Increased morale
    • Engagement with one another and the organization
    • Increased productivity
    • Accelerated progress toward organizational goals
    • More fully developed trust and loyalty
    • Increased focus
    • Fewer communications breakdowns
    • Reduced isolation
    • Less uncertainty
    • Fewer distractions