Productive Conflict Toolkit and Masterclass

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Also, check out the free masterclass below that will help you deal with the stickiest conflict situations in your workplace.

Productive Conflict Masterclass


Conflict is inevitable. How to respond to it is a choice.

The challenge is that most individuals, teams and organizations don’t spend the time required to build healthy relationships and deal with conflict productively. As a result, they avoid conversations, either because they are concerned about damaging relationships or because they fear how others will respond if they share the truth about the reality of the business.

You know what results.

People don’t speak up, the meeting-after-the-meeting occurs, and decisions get revisited over and over again.

Lack of commitment.

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Your people, teams and the organization as a whole can learn how to develop the skill set and mindset to engage more productively.

Imagine moving from...

  • An overly aggressive or passive approach to more direct, honest and respectful dialogue.
  • Getting bogged down in analysis paralysis to being more more decisive and innovative.
  • Guarded relationships to more connected and stronger relationships where work gets done.

Masterclass: From Destructive to Productive Conflict 

In this fun and engaging masterclass, executive coach and author Sal Silvester not only offers a mandate for more productive conflict, but he also provides practical tools and tips that will enable your people, teams and organization to engage in conflict more productively. If you want to avoid the political games, weird tension and lack of commitment that stems from unproductive conflict, then please join us for this masterclass.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn about: 

  • The personal factors that influence how you engage in conflict
  • How your personality style impacts your conflict reactions
  • A process for engaging in conflict more effectively on your teams
  • Organizational culture and its influence on people

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Thank you. And I look forward to seeing you in the masterclass! 

Sal SilvesterSal Silvester

Founder and President, 5.12 Solutions

Co-author with Marshall Goldsmith of Stakeholder Centered Coaching: Maximize Your Impact as a Coach
Author of Ignite! The 4 Essential Rules for Emerging Leaders
Author of Unite! The 4 Mindset Shifts for Senior Leaders