Ignite! The 4 Essential Rules for Emerging Leaders

Are your emerging leaders prepared for roles that will directly impact business results?

I’ll bet your emerging leaders are smart and successful, maybe even rising stars in your organization. People have taken notice and as a result they’ve been promoted. The problem is, if they are like many new or recently promoted mangers, they feel thoroughly unprepared and out of their element. Perhaps even a bit scared.

And with good reason. Like so many who have greatness thrust upon them, this is all new and unfamiliar, and how they handle the often-rocky transition to managing people will affect not only their future, but that of the organization as well. As front-line leaders, their actions have a direct impact on their team members’ level of engagement, productivity, job satisfaction, morale, and commitment, more so than any other factor in your organization.

Just thinking about what’s at stake can be overwhelming – especially since in most organizations, new managers don’t receive an inkling of leadership training before being dispatched to the front lines.

We often hear that leadership is about charismatic people who inspire others through the force of their personality. Or that leadership is an innate set of characteristics that are magically bestowed upon the lucky ones at birth. Or that you have to join the Army Special Forces as a rite of passage into the discipline and godliness of leadership.

None of that is true. The essence of leadership is about employing key skills and behaviors on a consistent basis. The good news? These skills and behaviors can be learned.

Imagine the results if your emerging leaders were able to guide their teams based on the key objectives of the organization and ignite higher levels of engagement and productivity from their people.

Based on Sal Silvester’s book Ignite! The 4 Essential Rules for Emerging Leaders, this keynote will show you the four essentials that every leader must be, know, and do. During this interactive and engaging session, Sal Silvester will share his observations and recommendations on:

  • The 4 essentials to generating team member commitment and igniting the potential of your people
  • Mistakes new leaders make (and how to avoid them)
  • Secrets to making the transition from peer/individual contributor to leader
  • The opposing characteristics leaders every leader must exemplify to be successful