Stakeholder Centered Coaching Keynote

The Measure of a Leader: Proving Behavior Change in Leadership Development and Coaching

Can you prove your leadership development program is actually working?

Organizations are paying top dollar to send their employees through training and coaching programs and rarely see a measurable and sustainable return on their investment. That’s because traditional leadership development programs are one-hit-wonders. They cover an overwhelming number of topics in one or two days and rarely provide ongoing reinforcement. On top of that, there is usually no true measurement beyond the typical smiley-sheet evaluations at the end of the training sessions. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can and we must do better. It’s time to prove our coaching and training impact for our clients, our businesses and the coaching and training industry as a whole.

In this engaging and entertaining session, Sal Silvester, Founder and President of Coachmetrix and 5.12 Solutions Consulting Group, presents the results of moving beyond smiley-sheet evaluations to measure actual behavior change. Sal will submit a mandate for measuring behavior change in leadership development programs and offer practical tools and tips that enable coaches, trainers and Organizational Development leaders to measure change in their programs. This is a must-attend keynote for those who believe that more effective leadership leads to more effective business results.

Participants will learn:

  • The measurement imperative: Why measure behavior change in leadership development?
  • Insights from behavior measurement of over 162 lead- ers and implications of how coaching and leadership development programs are best structured
  • Three critical factors to creating behavior change in leadership development programs
  • How to measure change in leadership development in general, and with behavior change specifically
  • Why it’s critical to set measurement expectations with your executive sponsor