Executive Teams

Team Acceleration

Build Healthy and Aligned Executive Teams

Your senior leaders are probably smart, talented and results-oriented individuals. We also know the hidden costs when those driven leaders don’t have healthy and aligned relationships – they lack trust, avoid productive conflict and revisit decisions over and over again.

Teamwork shouldn’t be this hard.

The changing landscape of business with disruptive technologies, culture shifts and new demands require leadership teams move faster.

Introducing Our Executive Team Acceleration Program

We don’t run fluffy team building programs. Our holistic and proven process integrates the best of team coaching, individual executive development, assessments and evidence based measurement to create sustainable results where we raise the consciousness level of both the individual and team.

Build Trust

Team members build vulnerability based trust that enables them to focus on the right discussions that matter most to the organization.

Gain Commitment

Team members learn how to gain clarity and buy-in toward actions and decisions – faster.

Clarify Team Purpose

Teams discover their true purpose so that they can operate at the right level.

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Results leadership teams achieve

We’ve engaged with hundreds of leadership teams over the past two decades helping them prepare for the future.

Speed in decision making

Aligned and healthy relationships

Direct, honest and respectful communication

Adaptable approach

Ability to drive results

Team member commitment


We prove our change. Can they?

Measuring behavioral change is crucial. Many leadership development companies make the claim that they can. But once you dig deeper, it’s simply not true. When you invest in a leadership development or coaching program, you deserve results that are truly measurable. You deserve proof that the program works. That’s what inspired 5.12 Solutions to create its own leadership development coaching platform.

The 5 Costliest Mistakes Teams Make

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The 5 Costliest Mistakes Teams Make

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