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Empower senior leaders to unite your organization

Senior leaders face a unique set of challenges: membership on multiple teams, competing priorities with peers, and leading change initiatives to quickly pivot a product line or business.

Their past success is often based on a world that no longer exists and isn’t a pathway for success in the future.

Introducing our Unite! leadership program

You need senior leaders who can guide the organization through change, build a healthy culture that attracts top talent, and have the interpersonal agility to create strong relationships with people at all levels inside and outside the organization.

Our Unite! Leadership Program™ initiates a learning journey, specifically designed for senior leaders, that combines assessments, Leadership Performance Workshops, leadership coaching, and ongoing behavioral measurement to create sustainable change. The program is fully customizable and addresses the mindset shifts senior leaders must make to change how they think and are perceived.


Leaders shift from a problem to an outcome orientation.


Mindset changes from compliance or consensus to commitment.


Focus evolves from project management to champion.

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Results leaders achieve through the Unite program

Understanding of impact

Ability to deal with complexity

Enterprise focused

Organizational alignment

Creating clarity from chaos

Team member commitment


We prove our change. Can they?

Measuring behavioral change is crucial. Many leadership development companies make the claim that they can. But once you dig deeper, it’s simply not true. When you invest in a leadership development or coaching program, you deserve results that are truly measurable. You deserve proof that the program works. That’s what inspired 5.12 Solutions to create its own leadership development coaching platform.

16 Tendencies Guaranteed to Derail Your Career

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16 Tendencies Guaranteed to Derail Your Career

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