Team Performance Quest

The Team Performance Quest

The Team Performance Quest program is designed to accelerate team and leadership development by engaging teams in a series of hands-on simulations that encourage planning, communication, team work and innovation. Each simulation presents the team with fun and challenging situations in which participants have to collaborate as a team, come to consensus on a plan, and execute the best courses of action.

This team building workshop integrates self-reflection, group debriefs, and personal action planning so there’s an individual commitment for making personal change in the workplace. Additionally, peer evaluations are conducted in a collaborative manner to help participants build awareness on how their leadership style impacts team dynamics.

Performance Quest is designed for people of all fitness levels and can be based on an adventure survival theme or a theme more tightly related to your company meeting or offsite.

Team Benefits

  • Develop clear and concise communication skills
  • Improve critical thinking and group problem solving skills
  • Discover individual leadership styles
  • Enhance team collaboration
  • Develop planning and resource management skills
  • Build a sense of team accomplishment
  • Build trust and personal relationships
  • Break down barriers between people and departments that impact collaboration
  • Develop a personal action plan for implementing insights in the workplace

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