Show Them the Proof.

Coachmetrix allows you to prove exactly how well a leadership development program is working, whether you’re running the program or managing leaders.

Developed and iteratively tested by the founder of 5.12 Solutions, Coachmetrix is a mobile, cloud-based platform that tracks behavioral changes related to leadership and coaching goals. From a user-friendly dashboard, participants create action plans, set goals, receive pulse feedback from supporters, and easily access your content. Know anyone else who’s doing that? We didn’t and that’s why we built Coachmetrix.

Coachmetrix lets you:

  • Show actual metrics of behavioral changes for all participants
  • Prove the value of your program to potential clients, whether internal or external
  • Stay current with the latest web-based coaching and training technology
  • Increase your competitive edge by improving your coaching processes
  • Scale your content to each client easily and effectively
  • Take advantage of repeatable processes for better efficiency
  • Improve transparency and accountability within your coaching program
  • Become a leadership coaching training professional

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