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Social Media Copy

Promo Partner Pre-Launch Social Copy (2/15/22 – 2/27/22)

Post 1:

I am so excited to help spread the word about a brand new book release: The Deeply Human Workplace, by Sal Silvester.

Here’s a bit about the book:

Connection is the first human workplace need. It is absolutely core and central to our humanity.

In our work coaching and training tens of thousands of leaders globally, I’ve noticed there’s an underlying pattern among most people at work. Regardless of gender, demographics, or geography, I have observed that people have a common set of needs.

If we can understand and tap into those needs, we can create a healthier, aligned, trusting, committed, productive, and human workplace.

What are you waiting for? Sal is offering the first chapter of The Deeply Human Workplace FREE – tap into what your people need today!

Get your FREE download here: ➡️

Post 2:

With the increasing complexity in today’s work environment, connection becomes the foundation for agility and speed.

Check out this new book by Sal Silvester, founder of 5.12 Solutions: ➡️

When people feel connected, they’re much more likely to take risks, tell you the truth, and engage in the meaningful conversations that matter most for the business. And they’ll do it faster.

Download the first chapter of “The Deeply Human Workplace” for FREE and implement the connectivity tools your team needs!

Get your FREE download here: ➡️

Post 3:

Tension at the workplace? Sal Silvester has a new book coming out on 2/28 which helps provide a roadmap toward creating a deeply human workplace.

We already know that when we make the effort to build strong connections in the workplace, people live less from a place of anxiety and more from a place of open willingness.

Try this! Team Exercise: Create a Shared Experience

Spend some informal time together with colleagues. Something special happens between human beings when there isn’t an agenda or a never-ending lineup of calls and meetings.

Download the first chapter of “The Deeply Human Workplace” FREE and implement the connectivity tools your team needs!

Get your FREE download here: ➡️

Promo Partner Social Copy and Images for Launch Week ONLY 2/28/22 – 3/4/22

Post 1:

My colleague, Sal Silvester, has released a new book, The Deeply Human Workplace! I’m so excited it is finally available, and even better…he’s offering it for free as part of the official launch!

Get it here: 

The workplace should never be a place where employees feel undervalued or unimportant. They need to feel a sense of worth, of certainty and connection – and to form a support network among each other, especially during uncertain times.

Those uncertain times are here now. The pandemic tore apart our routines and expectations. I believe that the path to successful workplaces of the future starts with our leaders today.

*Remember that accessing the full book is the only place to find details on joining Sal for his complimentary training on 3/4, Leading With Deep Humanity…*

Thank you for making Sal’s new book a success – and please don’t forget to leave a review –

Post 2:

Get “The Deeply Human Workplace” FREE this week only + join my colleague Sal for a Bonus Masterclass Friday, 3/4:

Assess your organizational culture so that you can implement tangible steps to create a deeply human workplace that people love!

One quick request… If you’ve read the book, would you consider leaving a review on Amazon? It’s the best way to support our work, so that we can reach & inspire others.

Post 3:

If you’ve been feeling like it’s time to press “Reset” at your organization, and you’re really not into the same-old leadership strategies that just aren’t cutting it anymore, this training is for you. It will awaken you to a game-changing leadership model.

Access my colleague’s new book free on Amazon, The Deeply Human Workplace by Sal Silvester.

Once you purchase it -jump right to page #116, where you’ll find the details you need to access a Masterclass he is offering LIVE on Friday, March 4th (& get a bunch of awesome resources to implement at your organization): 

And if you have had the opportunity to read the book, would you consider leaving a review? It’s a great way to support the mission of helping organizations everywhere create more aligned, fulfilling, deeply human workplaces.

Partner Promo Email Sequence (3 emails)

Announcement Email (2/15/22 – 2/24/22)

Subj: The workplace of the future: What’s your vision?
Preview text: Checkout my colleague’s brand-new, vision inspired book…

Hi {Name},

What’s your vision for the workplace of the future?

Given the state of change over the last 2 years, many of us have thought about and are continuing to consider this question on a variety of levels.

Have you thought about it much? I’ve been following Sal Silvester at 512 Solutions and I’m really excited about his new book release coming up on 2/28:

The Deeply Human Workplace: Tap into What People Need, Build Commitment on Your Teams, and Create a Workplace that Employees Love.

Want a sneak peek? Here’s a complimentary access link to read the first chapter:

Who is this book for? It’s for leaders who want to embrace a game-changing model that:

  • Welcomes humanity into their organizational culture
  • Cultivates a workplace environment where employees can unleash their full potential – and find meaning in their work

Today, we’re seeing a big disconnect at organizations large and small. When leaders dismiss ‘the human touch’ as soft, they fail to connect the economic value and competitive advantage that simple humanity brings to organizations.

The result? Struggles with:

  • Siloed working environments
  • Low employee morale
  • High turnover
  • Outdated methods for solving new problems
  • Poor leadership
  • Team frameworks that are no longer relevant

It doesn’t have to be that way. Start reading Sal’s new book today, at no cost:

You already know there are a ton of leadership books out there promising to help create a roadmap for a better workplace.

If you’re tired of reading the same-old, same-old or have reached the breaking point where you know it’s time to press “Reset” at your organization, you’ll benefit from this book.

It shares a proven, tested model that gives you a pathway for creating a healthier, aligned, deeply human workplace.

Ready for a new path?

Stay tuned for more details on Sal’s 2/28 launch (and an informative bonus Masterclass) …



2/26 – Only 2 more days!

Subj: Wondering if you can relate?
Preview text: Plus, an offer for Leading With Deep Humanity

Hi {Name},

In just 2 days, my colleague/friend, Sal Silvester’s 4th book launches: The Deeply Human Workplace.

To celebrate, he’s providing you with a Limited Time Offer, giving you access to the whole book for free!

Plus, the book contains access to a Live Masterclass and several additional resources and tools.

Mark your calendar and stay tuned…

Sal has a section in his new book to explore several human workplace needs, one of which is called:

Contributions Matter

People need to know that their opinion counts, that they are valued members of a team.

When we don’t feel that what we do matters, it cuts deeply into our sense of self-worth – and perhaps to our greatest fear that we all have as humans: that we are not good enough.

Think about the impact of that…

Sal wrote The Deeply Human Workplace to empower leaders who are ready to press “Reset” at their organizations, who are ready to say “Yes” to a game-changing leadership model.

His book explores the six Cs of ‘The Human Workplace Needs Model,’ which provides leaders and teams with a roadmap for creating healthier, more aligned, and deeply human workplaces that thrive, even – in the midst of unparalleled change. You can still access a sneak peek right here:



2/28 – Launch Day Announcement

Subj: At Last! The Deeply Human Workplace Book Launches Today!
Preview text: Get the Book + the Masterclass… FREE

Hi {Name},

Remember those car rides when you were young, where you kept asking over and over again, “Are we there yet?”

Well, we’re here at last!

Sal’s new book, The Deeply Human Workplace: Tap into What People Need, Build Commitment on Your Teams, and Create a Workplace that Employees Love, is now available.

And the best news… here’s a gift for you:

Get it FREE this week only + join Sal for a Bonus Masterclass Friday, 3/4:

Once you click the link and access the book, there will be instructions on page 116 to access all of your additional resources, including Sal’s LIVE Leading With Deep Humanity Masterclass on March 4, when he’ll show you what you need to begin creating a deeply human workplace at your organization.

What’s included when you go get the book, free today:

  • The Entire Book!
  • Access to the Leading with Deep Humanity Training, LIVE with Sal Silvester on March 4th!
  • The Workplace Needs Toolkit
  • The Human Workplace Needs Team Survey
  • A Personal Needs Assessment Video
  • A Stakeholder Needs Assessment
  • A Workplace Culture Assessment
  • Plus, Access to Schedule an Insight Session

Now more than ever before, while we endure the stress of the pandemic and the seismic shifts that have come from these unprecedented times, we need to focus on humanity in our workplaces.

We need to let people know they are appreciated. We need to let people know their contributions matter. And we need to be more human to each other.

If you agree, give this new book a read and leave a review on Amazon so that others will be inspired as well.

Thank you for supporting Sal’s book launch with me!