Veteran’s Day Represents the Best of Leadership

Veteran’s Day to me represents the best of what leadership is truly about…

Imagine living by a set of core values…that are focused on a higher purpose.
Imagine having to walk the talk…in a combat zone.
Imagine having to make split second decisions…that bear life and death consequence.
Imagine being responsible for someone else’s life…inside and outside of the workplace.
Imagine the trust it takes…to put your life on the line for someone on your team.
Imagine the agility that is work well together with a truly diverse set of team members.
Imagine that money isn’t your primary driver…and that reward comes from having your buddy’s back.
Imagine that sacrifice isn’t about putting in long hours in the office…but about laying down your life for the good of others.

Veterans and active duty military – Today we solute you and offer our hearts filled with gratitude.

Because…your leadership is the most pure leadership of all.