We’re Ready To Share Our Journey


It was about three years ago that I recognized key issues that limited almost every leadership development program I had witnessed – programs I saw dozens of other trainers running and programs that I was running.

  1. Leaders were constrained by old style workbooks. Not that workbooks were bad – but as a toolset, they were never available where and when a leader needed them most. Workbooks weren’t fulfilling the “just in time” need that leaders have in their fast-changing work environment.
  2. Discipline and accountability were hard to maintain. We’ve all seen the paper-based action plans in coaching and leadership development programs. They are well intended. But, they are put on a shelf and almost never reviewed and revisited. Unfortunately, most action plans are also rarely calibrated with a coachee’s manager to ensure the learning process is aligned with business needs.
  3. Tracking and reporting outcomes were difficult to measure.  Most trainers utilize the typical workshop evaluations (commonly referred to as “smiley sheets” because they do nothing but make a trainer smile) at the end of a workshop or a coaching session. But measuring and understanding actual behavior change created as a result of a training or coaching engagement was almost non-existent.

I knew that addressing these roadblocks would be key to optimizing my leadership programs. What I didn’t know, and could never have imaged, was that the solution would take me on a path that has challenged the status quo in leadership development and pushed me to new heights as a leadership coach.  I look forward to sharing more of my journey and introducing you to Coachmetrix. Sign up here to be notified on launch information later this month.