57 Minutes to Avoid The 4 Costliest Mistakes Senior Leadership Teams Make

In just 57 minutes your senior leaders will learn specific ways to avoid or address some common, costly mistakes, and help them achieve a major shift in how their teams perform.

Senior leadership teams are the single most influential factor that impacts employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

But with so many challenges facing organizations today, senior leadership teams all too often look for solutions on how to be more competitive and efficient while forgetting to consider the people side of the equation. They look for technology and systems improvements to solve people-related problems that often result in common and costly mistakes.
What insights can you expect to gain?
During this program, we will explore the following 4 challenges impacting senior leadership teams.

1. Lack of Focus: The challenge in many organizations is that leaders get so busy spending time IN the business, focusing on the urgent day-to-day issues, instead of ON the business, focusing on creating alignment and a nurturing a healthy culture. Instead of being able to rapidly respond to new opportunities, unnecessary conflict, stress, and ambiguity of roles emerge.

2. Protecting and Hoarding Resources: Senior leaders often look to time management techniques and cost cutting initiatives to save time and money, but forget that improving efficiency might just be about getting people to work together better. The result – a focus on individual agendas and egos instead of on organizational objectives.

3. A Focus on Compliance instead of Commitment: With the economy beginning its recovery, top performers are increasingly at risk of being swept away by the competition. But, leaders that created a work culture based on compliance won’t lose everyone – their poor and mid-level performers will stay (because no one wants to hire them anyway). The way people are treated in the workplace matters and senior leaders set the tone.

4. A Patch-work Approach To Hiring: The challenge in many organizations is that they (1) do not have a clear and consistent hiring process, (2) people do not have the skills to properly conduct interviews and evaluate candidates, and (3) organizational values aren’t clear. All three of these factors are a perfect storm for hiring the wrong people.

Think about how much more productive the leadership teams in your organization could be. But, often times, they limit their productivity and effectiveness because they are making costly mistakes they may not know about.
We will also:

  • Provide an overview of our Executive Team Development Program
  • Share a copy of our article on The 5 Costliest Mistakes Teams Make

Who is this program for?
This informal, but fast moving program is for Directors and above and is based on Sal Silvester’s work over the past 9 years with teams who have been serious about being more productive and effective.

Your organization qualifies for this complimentary program if:

  • You are a mid-sized to large organization – 150+ people, $50 million+ revenues
  • You have an intact senior leadership team
  • Improved team productivity and effectiveness is important

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