6 Ways to Continue Training When Budgets are Tight

For those companies with limited resources, here are some ideas on how to continue training:

  • Try a blended approach to training. Wrap an instructor-led workshop with some pre and post training using online learning on the front-end and a webinar on the back-end.
  • Encourage your team members to attend webinars. Consider getting the entire team involved. For example, we just started offering monthly webinars for our clients so that they can continue training during these tough economic times. For less than $50 pp, you can continue developing your people. Our next webinar on April 23rd is a DiSC-based program on how to communicate beyond a one-size fits all approach. This is a perfect learning opportunity for teams.
  • Focus your training budget on your top performers. After all – your retention efforts should be focused on keeping your BEST people – not ALL of your people. Continue to groom and prepare those who will lead your organization to its next level of success.
  • Conduct lunch-and-learn sessions with internal subject matter experts.
  • Develop a formal or informal mentoring program.
  • Encourage employees to attend association meetings. These events usually have a guest speaker and are a great opportunity to network and share knowledge.

What is your company doing to continue learning and development? Do you have ideas that would be helpful to others?

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