8 Questions

Is your team functioning at its highest level of potential?

Here are 8 questions to help you decide:

  1. Do your meetings go beyond information sharing? Are you actually solving problems and making decisions or simply doing the round robin where you go around the conference room table and everyone shares something that no one else cares about?
  2. Are you gaining commitment from team members? Or are you settling for agreement – where everyone nods their head during meetings and then fails to take action after?
  3. Are you following an intentional set of team norms that serve as guide posts for the team to be successful? Or do bad habits unknowingly steer how the team performs?
  4. Are your most important items on your agenda first? Or are they saved for the last 5 minutes of a meeting and glossed over as people pack and shuffle getting ready for their next meeting?
  5. Are all participants actively engaged in your meetings? Or do they sit in silence wishing they were back in their cubicles handling their daily tasks?
  6. Are team members prepared for their meetings? Or do they show up with little knowledge about what will be covered and how they can contribute?
  7. Does your team close out on decisions? Or do you revisit decisions over and over again?
  8. Do team members actively challenge each other and hold each other accountable? Or do they let issues simmer underneath the surface slowing breaking down trust and cohesion?

How’s your team doing?

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