A Common Leader Mistake: Part 4

Another  common and costly leader mistake that can result in a loss of credibility and trust.

MISTAKE: Solving problems others should solve.

It’s not uncommon for new leaders to solve problems for their team members instead of helping them learn to do it on their own. For the overly controlling leader, you may find it faster to take care of it yourself than to take the time to teach.

For the less assertive leader, it might be easier to do it yourself so you can get around confronting an issue directly.

When you solve problems for your team members they don’t get the chance to grow and stretch, and you limit their future effectiveness. By doing it for them, you’re not holding people accountable for their own work, and it actually deflates trust and commitment. It also bogs you down into being the “doer” instead of focusing on higher-level issues and managing your team.

Part of your role as a leader is to coach, support and teach the people you lead.

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