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Future of Leadership Podcast - Von Rhea

In this episode, host Sal Silvester addresses how leaders can use a global mindset to adapt and be successful in our rapidly changing world. If you’re new to the podcast, Sal is the CEO of 512 Solutions, an executive leadership development firm in Boulder, CO. Today, Sal talks with guest Von Rhea, an IT executive who leads a global engineering team. You’ll hear how Von implements the Agile method with his teams and about his perspective on failure in the workplace.

In this episode:
00:44 – Sal introduces himself, 512 Solutions, and the podcast’s purpose
01:30 – Sal introduces guest Von Rhea, a global IT executive
02:42 – Sal asks about trends Von sees in the workplace with future implications
03:10 – Trends: (1) faster innovation with less resources and (2) complexity of the world in politics and trade
04:48 – Von explains how he deals with the innovation/resource challenge
05:11 – Focus on breaking down different cultures and expectations to build trust and the reality that creating trust in wide geographies is a true challenge
06:08 – Tips to establishing trust across global teams
07:37 – In remote meetings, everyone is expected to participate and talk
09:07 – Sal and Von talk “experimenting” and fear of failure
10:00 – Our teams are not going to be comfortable with failing unless they see us failing
11:04 – Sal describes failure as failing forward or learning
11:20 – How to create an environment where people can fail safely
13:23 – Creating (gender) diverse teams. More diversity equals better performance
16:05 – Agile methodology and scrum framework and making it fit the culture
17:30 – Let go of fear of missing out
22:01 – Growing as a unit instead of as an individual
23:35 – How leaders develop and grow people
26:00 – Reframing the place leaders start from: Move from external motivation to internal beliefs
26:29 – Managers aren’t always leaders; leaders aren’t always managers
29:20 – Empowering and developing leaders who aren’t on management tracks

Fueled By Failure: Using Detours and Defeats to Power Progress by Jeremy Bloom
Scrum Alliance

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