Agile, Open Minded and Open Space

Future of Leadership Podcast - Suzanne Daigle

During this episode special guest Suzanne Daigle and Sal Silvester strategize about how agility will be critical to success in the future. Suzanne is an authority in organizational self-management and other social technologies designed to ignite high performance and optimize human potential.

In this interview, Suzanne provides us with a glimpse into the future about how self-managed teams and an agile mindset will be the key to addressing the increasing complexity in our workplace.

In this episode:
00:44 – Sal introduces himself, 512 Solutions, and the purpose of the podcast
01:40 – Sal introduces the guest of today’s episode – Suzanne Daigle
03:22 – Suzanne shares her philosophy on leadership
05:14 – Sal asks Suzanne to share her opinion on the trends in today’s workplace and society that impact leaders
05:33 – Trends Suzanne has noticed:

  1. Business is getting incredibly fast, complex, and unpredictable
  2. Business has turned customer- and consumer-centric
  3. High expectations about quality
  4. Excessive communication
  5. Automation and artificial intelligence
  6. Anxiety

08:05 – Suzanne describes the connection between self-management and leadership
11:35 – Sal asks Suzanne what needs to change in the leaders of the future
14:12 – The Agile methodology, its core principles, and why they are important
18:35 – How can the Agile framework be applied to areas of business different from software development or tech
20:13 – The importance of team-level habits; and some essential habits for Agile and self-managed teams
24:13 – Ways in which leaders help self-managed teams thrive
28:05 – What Open Space technology is, and why is it important
32:26 – Incorporating Open Space technology in day-to-day processes
35:55 – Resources to learn about Agile, Open Space, self-management (also check below)

Visit the NuFocus Group website
Check out Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage in Human Consciousness book
Steve Denning’s The Age of Agile: How Smart Companies Are Transforming the Way Work Gets Done book

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