New Podcast Episode – Creating an Agile Organization in Times of Uncertainty with Simon Severino


Creating an Agile Organization in Times of Uncertainty

With increased uncertainty and the prospect of a recession, our ability to adjust on an individual and organizational level is becoming more and more important.

In this episode, Sal interviews Simon Severino, author of Strategy Sprints: 12 Ways to Accelerate Growth for an Agile Business.  They delve deeper into the issue of adaptability and how it relates to not just surviving but thriving during recessionary times. This is a pragmatic conversation in which they examine what an agile organization looks like as well as practices that foster clarity and alignment during times of uncertainty.  As we enter the New Year and increasingly uncertain times, these suggestions are both strategic and tactical.

Simon provides a few free tools to counteract this uncertainty, such as:

  • daily flow
  • the weekly habit
  • the monthly habit

All of which are freely available to download on his website.

Take a moment to listen, you won’t want to miss it!

Our greatest gift as human beings is our ability to adapt.

I believe that the more we can tap into our humanity, the more successful we can be in business and beyond.

That’s why I focus so much of my work on giving leaders the roadmap needed to cultivate healthier, more aligned, deeply human workplaces.

I invite you to explore my latest book, where I explore the 6 Cs of ‘The Human Workplace Needs Model’ – including Psychological Safety. 

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