This summer, my 8-year-old son attended a skateboarding camp. Afterward he was ready for some practice, “Let’s go to the skatepark, Dad!” And as I was watching him tool around, I thought to myself I am not just going to stand around and watch him. That afternoon, I went to the store to buy pads, a helmet, and a skateboard.

So, now I’m learning to skateboard. To successfully navigate pavement on a thin wood board and four small wheels, one must possess both capability (the power to do something) and confidence (a feeling of self-assurance). And I was reminded that just like skateboarding, cultivating capability and confidence are necessary for success in the workplace.

The Future of Work requires us to learn new skills, processes, and approaches for tasks, and often on an expedited timeline. How can we help each other build both capability and confidence when we’re learning something new at work? How can we treat each other with grace when we each learn at our own pace? How do we support colleagues who confidence is on a downswing, while celebrating those who are feeling good about their progress?

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