Consistency and Curiosity: A Balancing Act of Leadership Characteristics (Part 4)

The fourth set of characteristics that I believe is required of a successful leader is the balance of consistency and curiosity. As a word, consistency means steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, or form. In terms of leadership consistency means providing stability during turbulent times, being steadfast in purpose and vision especially in the face of resistance, and being intentional in how feedback is provided across your team. Additionally, it’s having congruence with your values, both in and outside of the work place.
Curiosity, on the other hand, helps balance the steadiness required of leaders. Curiosity as a word means an intense desire to know and understand. Just like a child, a leader has to be eager to grow and have the inquisitiveness to find out more. Curiosity is about expanding knowledge, having the agility to change, and learning more about industry, business, team members, and most importantly…self.

How do you balance consistency with curiosity?

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