Season 6 Podcast Opener: Cultivating High-Performing Executive Teams in a Complex World

Season 6 Podcast Opener: Cultivating High-Performing Executive Teams in a Complex World


As we kickoff season 6, the theme we will be focusing on will be how to create healthy, aligned and more human teams at the top – including executive teams, senior leadership teams and extended leadership teams. As our world continues to face geopolitical challenges, stubborn inflationary conditions and more complexity, organizational culture will matter more than ever.

Why? Because high-performing executive teams are a CEO’s greatest asset in addressing the challenges and opportunities that are in front of us.

This season is going to provide you with practical and actionable tools and best practices, covering topics such as:

  • executive loneliness
  • cross-cultural competence on global leadership teams
  • cultivating high-performing executive teams
  • psychological safety and more.

With almost every episode, we’ll have a framework or a toolkit that you’ll have access to so that you can immediately apply the concepts that we discussed in the episode to your work. Additionally, our blog posts will provide further content and resources to help solidify your learnings.

In addition, we will explore the importance of fostering diversity and inclusion within executive teams. By enhancing cross-cultural competence on global leadership teams and cultivating psychological safety, organizations can navigate complexities and foster high-performance. Our practical tools and best practices, along with accompanying blog posts, will provide actionable resources to apply the concepts discussed.

Join us as we unlock the secrets to creating healthy, aligned, and more human executive teams to address the challenges of today’s world.

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