Developing Resilience Inside and Outside the Workplace

Resilience is a critical capacity to successfully navigate the world, especially in TODAY’s world.

In this episode, Sal Silvester interviews Dr. David J. Palmiter, a Full Professor of Psychology at Marywood University, Fellow of the American Psychological Association and board-certified clinical psychologist with over 30 years of private practice experience.

Sal and Dr. David Palmiter share strategies on how to develop resilience in yourself and others, both inside and out of the workplace.


Two resources regarding maintaining social connection:

 Strategies for compassionate grieving found at

“Grieving Through COVID-19”

“Parenting Through COVID-19”

“Couple and Marriage Tips for COVID-19

 Emotional videos regarding COVID-19:

The Post-Traumatic Growth exercise can be found here:

Build Your Resilience

The RESIL model is a circular and never-ending process and it assumes that we are all the captain of our own ship. Of course, in life there are things that are unfair and out of our control, but resilient leaders choose what to focus on, how to think about the situation, the actions they will take and what they will learn.

Download our RESIL toolkit below to help apply the concepts in this post. Stay tuned for more resources over the next three months throughout our Bounce Back series, designed to help you persevere through these challenging times.

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