Do You Understand Your Employees’ Expectations?

It’s a simple and inexpensive tool that will help you understand your employees’ work expectations, and help them understand yours.

I know that many of my clients here in Denver and Fort Collins are typically clear about expectations when it comes to salary and benefits, but other expectations often go unspoken.

For example,  what do your employees expect when it comes to…

  • autonomy
  • balance
  • diversity
  • career growth
  • their environment
  • expression
  • recognition
  • stability
  • structure
  • teamwork

Research shows that when people have clearly defined, well-communicated expectations, they are happier and more successful than people whose expectations go unspoken or unrealized.

Happier and more successful employees results in better productivity, lower attrition (of top talent), and team member commitment.

I encourage managers to use the profile individually, one-on-one with their team members, or as part of a team building or leadership development program.

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