Four Excuses to Scare off a Customer…Forever

Here are 4 real-life excuses that will scare off a retail customer every time.

Excuse One: “It’s our policy.”

Ah, the dreaded fallback position from employees and organizations that have no clue about what the customer needs. Smells like complacency to me. In other words, corporate has my hands tied and I can’t do anything for you.

Excuse Two: “My manager is on vacation for the next week.”

This seriously happened to me. Right after excuse number 1. Sounds a lot like “my dog ate my homework.”

Excuse Three: “We can’t do anything. You’ll have to talk to (The Manufacturer) directly.”

Well, if you can’t do anything, then why should I purchase this product (at your retail store) to begin with? What’s in it for me (yes, I am the customer)? Next time I’m buying direct – which sucks for same store sales and the local economy.

Excuse Four: “I’ve never seen this issue before.”

That’s what the Manager said. The funny thing was that the Greeter at the store’s entrance said, “That’s the second time I’ve seen this issue this week” as I walked in and explained what I needed. Guess the Manager has her head in the sand.

Want to scare off a customer forever? Try any of the four excuses above.

Want to scare them off even faster? Try using them all at once.

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