Your Hidden Game

Future of Leadership Podcast - Sharon Rich

In this episode of Sal Silvester on the Future of Leadership, Sal talks to Sharon Rich, who runs an LA-based consulting firm called Think Business Growth. She’s also the internationally bestselling author of Your Hidden Game, which documents the 10 invisible agreements, assumptions, and rules that are followed in organizations. Sharon and Sal discuss conscious and realistic leadership, bringing hidden games to the surface, psychological safety in the workplace, and an unconventional view on accountability.

In this episode:
09:05 – The foundation of Sharon’s leadership philosophy.
11:22 – What the hidden game is in society and in business.
14:40 – The implications of being unaware of the hidden games in an organization.
17:18 – Leaders need to raise their level of consciousness in order to deal with increasing complexities in the rapidly changing workplace.
21:25 – Organizations are based on agreements between human beings.
24:04 – What companies are doing that is undermining their business growth and success.
26:52 – How to balance reality with a positive hopeful future in leadership messaging.
29:05 – What happens in an organization when people don’t feel psychologically safe.
32:27 – Sharon’s unconventional view on accountability supporting business outcomes.
36:19 – The power of collective focus and strong leadership teams.

Sharon’s International Bestseller: Your Hidden Game

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