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Future of Leadership Podcast - Beth Smith

In this episode of Sal Silvester on the Future of Leadership, Sal talks to Beth Smith, the founder and president of A-list Interviews, about the critical task of hiring the right people. Beth, the author of Why Can’t I Hire Good People?, has helped C-level leaders and business owners restructure their hiring process to be more successful.

Beth describes her response analysis system to hiring, how it was formed, and the actual analysis she undertakes during interviews. One of Beth’s missions is to teach her clients not to settle for just any interviewee, even when they feel the urgency to hire for a position. You might be surprised by Beth’s perspective on resumes and how many people you should interview for any given role.

In this episode:
03:45 – Beth’s hiring mistake that ended up in the national news, which highlighted a much larger issue.
08:45 – Why the unemployment rate has nothing to do with the talent pool.
10:30 – When contractors are a better hire than full-time employees.
13:20 – Two large hiring trends that Beth is seeing.
16:37 – The difference between leaders and managers.
19:00 – What it means to hire good employees, not good people.
23:26 – How the response analysis system focuses on the candidates’ answers to questions.
25:00 – The red flags to be aware of during the hiring process.
30:20 – How Beth gets her clients to overcome their hiring hangover.
33:25 – How to turn the job description into a piece of homework for a candidate.
37:40 – The contents of the three interviews within Beth’s process.

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