How Business Leaders are Creating Resilient Organizations

How are business leaders learning in today’s environment? Are we really being productive and is it sustainable? How should strategic planning evolve in the COVID era? What’s been the impact of social distancing to different employee populations?

In this episode we take a broader look at resilience with our special guest Scott Sternberg. Scott has a deep background as an executive in global organizations and is now the Associate Vice President of Economic Vitality and the Executive Director of the Boulder Economic Council. Scott shares insight into how leaders are responding to this crisis and how they view leadership in a post COVID world.

Build Your Resilience

The RESIL model is a circular and never-ending process and it assumes that we are all the captain of our own ship. Of course, in life there are things that are unfair and out of our control, but resilient leaders choose what to focus on, how to think about the situation, the actions they will take and what they will learn.

Download our RESIL toolkit below to help apply the concepts in this post. Stay tuned for more resources over the next three months throughout our Bounce Back series, designed to help you persevere through these challenging times.

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