New Podcast Episode – Humanity – The Thread Through Leadership


In this episode, Sal connects with Beverly Wright, a former technology executive, Founder and CEO of Wright Choice Group, and a recent inductee into the Thinkers50 (described by The Financial Times as the Oscar of Management Thinking). This is an organization that introduces emerging thinkers who have the potential to make lasting contributions to management theory and practice.

Have a listen as Sal and Beverly explore:

  • the concept of “Return on People”
  • why diversity without equity and inclusion isn’t enough
  • and a new trend around intersectionality, where team members expect professional, social, and community service to all be integrated into their job.
And, you’ll love the story Beverly shares about the kitchen staff.

Our greatest gift as human beings is our ability to adapt.

I believe that the more we can tap into our humanity, the more successful we can be in business and beyond.

That’s why I focus so much of my work on giving leaders the roadmap needed to cultivate healthier, more aligned, deeply human workplaces.

I invite you to explore my latest book, where I explore the 6 Cs of ‘The Human Workplace Needs Model’.

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