Sal Silvester on the Future of Leadership

Future of Leadership Podcast

The Future of Leadership Podcast

I am so excited to let you know that we are launching our new podcast about the future of leadership.

As you know, our workplace is changing at an incredible pace. And, most people’s model of successful leadership is based on a world that no longer exists or will not exist in the future.

This new podcast will explore the future of work and what that means for the future of leadership. That’s where my curiosity lies as an executive and leadership performance coach.

What You Can Expect

Season One will include 10 episodes. Each episode will be released every other week (starting June 12 , 2019) and include interviews with CEOs, executives, best selling authors and thought leaders to give you specific tools, frameworks and perspectives about the future.

I will also share observations and trends that my team and I are seeing as a result of working with thousands of leaders each year.

I look forward to having you join in on the show.

Sal Silvester

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