“Just Getting Through the Day”

“I spend so much time just getting through the day and don’t have time to think about long-term planning.”

This is a common statement I hear in my leadership development coaching sessions. The challenge is that what got you here as a leader, won’t get you to the next level of leadership.

Here are a few ideas to help you transition into your role.

1. Schedule strategic planning time. You can always tell if someone is having a difficult time at their new level of leadership simply by looking at their calendar. How much time do you have scheduled for strategic planning and long-term thinking?

2. Stop solving other people’s problems. Instead, help them solve their own problems. Point them to the right resources and ask questions instead of giving answers. In the end, you’ll help them grow and save yourself some time.

3. Learn to delegate. I know, it’s faster to do it yourself than to have others do it. Or, if you want it done to your high standards, you’ll have to do it yourself. Or, you don’t have anyone to delegate to because your people are already too busy with their own jobs. If you’re getting bogged down in the day to day, you’re failing in your role as a leader.

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