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I am very excited to announce that my book Ignite! The 4 Essential Rules for Emerging Leaders will be officially launched and widely available on May 31st!

This has been an amazing journey – from the initial concept in a local coffee shop in Boulder, Colorado to coaching to manuscript completion, and through re-writes. We have field tested and refined the book through several leadership development programs and have received some amazing client feedback.

Ignite! begins with a learning parable that illustrates the pitfalls and possibilities of leadership at every turn. But it is more than just a story. It incorporates for the first time Sal’s People-First Leadership™ Development model that gives new leaders all the tools they need to elevate their effectiveness.

To help celebrate the book launch, we are running four special events on Facebook over the next two weeks, giving away three Kindles and then a grand prize on the May 31st – the day of the book launch.

The Kindles will be pre-loaded with Ignite!Marshall Goldsmith’s MOJO and Matthew Kelly’s Off Balance. Both Marshall and Matthew have endorsed Ignite! citing it as a book that as Marshall says, “sets leaders on course to make a significant difference in themselves, their people, and their teams.”

The drawings will be held on Tuesday May 22, Friday May 25th, and Wednesday May 30th at 4:00 Mountain Time.

And, stay tuned for the special grand prize on May 31st – the day Ignite! launches on Amazon.

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