Looking for work? Think Shoulder Industries.

Consider this. The new Chairman and CEO of General Motors was a former telecom executive at AT&T. Did AT&T manufacture cars, auto parts, or do anything even remotely related to cars? With the exception of driving their service vehicles to install or repair a phone line or cell tower, the answer is a resounding NO!

My point is this. You probably have skills that are relevant and valued in industries or shoulder industries different than where you are or were currently working.

Here are a few questions to consider that I found in What Color is My Parachute? that may lead you to a new industry.

  • What supplies, equipment, or support services did/do you use?
  • What machinery or technology did you master?
  • Who supplied training to you?
  • What companies, organizations, or customers did you serve?
  • What communities or service organizations were interested in, or a participant in, your projects?
  • Who might be interested in the skills and problem solving abilities you learned?
  • What temp agencies, outsourcing agencies, or subcontractors were used?

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