How Managers Can Address Loss and Grief in the Workplace

Sal Silvester leadership podcast

It is normal to not feel normal during this time. Our grief may be a response to losing our familiar way of living and working. As we enter the third month of this crisis, the topic of mental health is arising more often in the workplace. The challenge for leaders is knowing how to respond effectively as a manager and coach without stepping into the bounds of being a counselor or therapist.

During this episode, Sal Silvester from Boulder, Colorado, connects with his business partner, executive coach and psychotherapist Barry Shapiro from Denver, Colorado about (1) a normal reaction to trauma, (2) what managers should do and not do in response to trauma, and (3) how can you take care of yourself so that you can be there for others.

Download the Manager’s Survival Guide to the Pandemic

To help you implement the concepts we discussed in this episode, download the free 4-page Manager’s Survival Guide to the Pandemic below.

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