New Podcast Episode – Changing Perspectives and Priorities

In this episode, Sal Silvester talks with Chief People Officer, Alison Meadows. They discuss how the Future of Work is shaping Evolve Vacation Rental, a fast-growing and innovative company based in Denver, Colorado

Employees’ perspectives have changed dramatically over the last year. As a result, their priorities have changed as well. Shifting attitudes mean that employees are no longer tolerating bad bosses and unhealthy cultures. Gone are the days when ping pong tables and stand-up desks are adequate responses to employee needs. They are now surface-level symbols when much more substantial changes are required.

Is your organization ready?

If you are formulating your Future of Work strategy, consider trying our AIM (Align, Inspire, Measure) process. This powerful and simple planning tool is designed to help you create intentional communication, achieve clarity, and build buy in. Download our Change Plan Worksheet to guide you through each step in more detail. Put this tool to use and watch your people accelerate their commitment around your Future of Work plans.

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